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Neurosurgical Associates of Tampa Bay always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 26 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Neurosurgical Associates of Tampa Bay below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Michelle M.
Submitted 08/20/19
Dr. Kirk Jobe saved my life! Literally...saved...my...life. I had emergency surgery with another renowned specialist (Dr. Lanza, ENT) to repair a cranial brain fluid leak and Dr. Jobe was the surgeon who placed the lumbar drain. I didn't do so well and needed a second skull base surgery. After the seci d surgery, I was told by both Dr. Jobe and Dr. Lanza that I need a VP shunt. My options were permanent blindness or death. I chose life! I can't even begin to describe the gratitude I have for Dr. Jobe and his entire staff. What a great representation of how everyone in the medical field should treat their patients. Thank you just isn't enough. Dr. Jobe saved my life and his staff made navigating a trying time in my life a lot easier. Thank you all!
Kathleen S.
Submitted 08/13/19
If having surgery can be defined as a great experience, this was. Everything about Dr. Jobe and his staff is excellent. I was treated with respect and importance. First time I have ever had a practice treat me this way.
Tonya M.
Submitted 07/29/19
Dr. Befeler is amazing. He takes time to answer any questions or concerns that we had. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do my surgery. Love the office staff as well. Everyone is very helpful.
Tabatha M.
Submitted 07/11/19
The staff are outstanding! Everyone I came in contact with prior to my appointment, during my appointment and after were very polite and caring. Dr. Befeler was amazing too! I have been in pain for awhile now and he really took the time to listen to me and explain things to me and work with me for next steps. Thank you Dr. Befeler and team.
Clifton H.
Submitted 06/04/19
I want to start by saying the office staff of NATB is litrerally the greatest staff i have ever experienced. It is to see that they love their jobs and truly enjoy working there and it shows by the way they treat their patients. I am terrible with names so i apologize for not giving everyone's name individually. Bobbi and Carmen stand out to me because i have so many interactions with the two of them, but the entire staff is amazing. What can i tell you about Dr Jobe? He is the greatest Dr i have ever known, skills, demeanor, and his "bedside" manner is absolutely amazing. When i talk about Dr Kirk Jobe to other people and other medical professionals the same thing is always said, he is an amazing surgeon. I have never witnessed this about any doctor and i have seen many. He takes his time and reviews every detail and explains everything to you in way that isn't condescending or "talking down to you". He does his homework and is fully prepared to operate. He is always fully prepared and he gives his patients his full and complete best skills each and every procedure. When other surgeons told me there is nothing they can do its a hard pill to swallow. I came to Dr Jobe some 9yrs ago. I was paralyzed from the waist down because of my spinal stenosis. Dr Jobe performed emergency neck surgery (i came thru the ER) and i was literally walking the next day. I have had a total of 4 procedures done by Dr Kirk Jobe. He continues to give me a fighting chance when others said they can't. Once again, he is litrerally the greatest surgeon i know, his staff is a reflection of him and his great work. I can't speak for him but i feel that he is the greatest because all of his staff are so good at their jobs that this allows him to be fully prepared for the amazing and life changing work he does. From the time you walk into that office for your 1st consult to the end of your recovery the staff and surgeons will be with you along the way. I have so many great things to say about neurological associates of Tampa bay, but the best thing i can say and attest to is this, everyone in that office will have your back from the beginning all the way to finish. Thank you Dr Jobe, thank you Carmen, thank you Bobbi and thank you to the one's who names i can't recall. Thank you for giving another chance to living a great life! You make this a real possibility. Sincerely, the guy who once was paralyzed. You guys are literally the greatest!!!!
Thomas C.
Submitted 03/25/19
After two office sessions with Dr. Befeler, we decided that surgery was the best option for getting relief from leg pain caused by disc problems in my lower back. Dr. Befeler explained the procedure in great detail both in his office and again the morning of the surgery. The surgery was two weeks ago today, and I have been pain free since leaving the surgery center. Better yet, I experienced no pain from the surgery itself and have not had to take any type (prescribed or over-the-counter) medication since the operation. I would certainly recommend Dr. Befeler to anyone experiencing any kind of back pain or other back related issues.
David M.
Submitted 02/14/19
Dr. Shorter is nothing less than amazing.. Had 2 office visits, then surgery on L4-L5. FYI: I talked with a very reputable surgeon 22 years ago and he turned me down after 45 minutes of explaining why it couldn't be done. Because of many other injuries to my back. Surgery went very easy with Dr. Shorter. I never took pain meds. Just got back from my 4 week check up and Dr. Shorter said everything was coming along perfectly... I'd actually rate him as off the scale of being Absolutely Great. 90 % or more of my lower back pain is gone already. No more Sciatica..
Brandi S.
Submitted 12/15/18
This man is a miracle worker!! I thank God every day that he was able to save my life. I had a massive tumor on my brain and with out Dr. Stengel I would not be here today.. 7 years later , I have definitely defied all odds and beat everything that came my way. With this wonderful man and his staff I'd face it all over again if I'd too. Thank you Dr. Stengel, Erica and Bobbi for giving me hope and saving my life. I will be forever greatful
John S.
Submitted 09/11/18
Just past my one year anniversary of my surgery... I went from unbearable pain to being able to move and continue my life... pain free.. Thanks to all the staff at NSATB for all their care and treatment and to Dr. STENGAL for his skills and caring
Submitted 08/07/18
Dariel M.
Submitted 07/26/18
Discussion regarding my Canal Stenosis @ L4-5. Dr. Befeler was very thorough in his diagnosis of my discomfort and in the end highly suggested I continue with my injections every 11/2-2 years and not have surgery!
Shadric S.
Submitted 05/22/18
Our son recently had back surgery for a herniated disc by Dr. Shorter. Was impressed with his professionalism and the quick recovery time. Thank you so much!
Michael B.
Submitted 03/22/18
I had deslt with multiple herniations in my cervical spine for over 5 years. I got a second opinion from Dr Jobe and I knew he was the right surgeon for me. He was attentive & answered all my questions. He is compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable. Instead of a cage and plates to perform the fusion he used zero profile spacers. The results were completely amazing. Quick recovery, no loss of range of motion and I am back to doing the things that I love that I had not been able to do for years prior without nerve pain. I will and do recommend Dr Jobe to anyone who is looking to explore spinal surgery.
David D.
Submitted 03/22/18
Dr. Befelor and Bobbi Jo, and the rest of the staff always do a wonderful job ! At this point, they almost seem like Family. If you have any neurological issues, I would highly recommend them!
Wendy G.
Submitted 02/06/18
Dr. Adam Befeler saved my life. After a spinal cord injury in 2001 and three unsuccessfull surgeries I became debilitated and was told more surgery was needed to prevent total paralysis from the neck down or death. Each prior surgeon has told me that. They also said I would not be able to walk. Due to my spinal cord injury and failed surgeries I ended up back in the emergency room and that's where I met Dr Adam Befeler and his staff. They were wonderful and caring. I've never been treated better by any Dr and/or surgeon. They really cared. I was treated with dignity compassion and kindness. Dr Befeler confirmed my need for additional surgery and advised me to follow up with my surgeon. I told him about my previous experiences with surgeries and he immediately agreed to take me as his patient. He performed my surgery and it was a success. Words can't describe how grateful I am. I no longer fear dying from my previous injuries. I am confident now I can continue to improve due to Dr Adam Befeler exemplary knowledge and skills of Neurology and Neurosurgery. I thank you Dr Adam Befeler and staff. I am forever grateful. Thank you for caring and being an expert in your field.
Mary Ann W.
Submitted 07/14/17
For 2 years l was in almost constant pain, and was advised by another physician to avoid surgery. I was fortunate to meet Dr Befeler who thoroughly explained all my options. I went forward with a hemi-laminectomy and the results have been astounding! The very first night I could tell the difference, and 1 month out I am pain-free. Thank you, so much Dr Befeler, and all the lovely staff at NSATB! You have made a profound improvement in my quality of life!!
Richard S.
Submitted 05/07/17
Dr Befeler and staff did a great job on my back, pain down my legs and up to my neck is gone. Thanks again Dr Befeler
Wanda H.
Submitted 04/26/17
With my first meeting of Dr. Shorter, all went very well, after my 2nd appointment we discussed my surgery that I would be having, all was set into motion, 15 days later my surgery took place. The moment I woke up and was told what had been done, they moved me into a room for me to recover in for a few days. I hadn't realized it I was laying on my back.. something I had not done in such a very long time, I hadn't been able to lye on my back in over 9+ years. Wow...this was a very good night, slept co good the next few days, went home and I has gone to all new highs for me.. Dr. Shorter gave me my life back. I thank God for his wisdom, and the knowledge. Never say Never, trust your medical team, listen to them, and if you have any concerns, address them to your Dr. Dr. Shorter has given me a reason to believe in Dr.'s again.. THANK YOU DR SHORTER
Donald V.
Submitted 04/21/17
Dr. Befeler did a phenomenal job of correcting my herniated discs and removed bone fragments in my lumbar area. Right from the initial visit he explained the procedure for correcting my lumbar problem and the post surgery recovery process. His patience and bed side manner was exemplary. I would highly recommend him to anyone who would need to go through back surgery. I rate him and his staff 5 star excellent. We thank you so much, Dr. Befeler!
Terri H.
Submitted 04/21/17
I have lived with a painful neck injury for the last three years. It's been a very sad experience for me because prior to the injury, I enjoyed a very active life with no physical limitations. I have been evaluated and treated by many professionals who are experts in their fields (i.e.; Chiropractors, physical therapists and professional trainers who specialize in neck injuries), and yet, with all their kind efforts, I still suffer with neck pain. The worst of it was not knowing the extent of the injury or if I was making matters worse by not having surgery. I reached a point where I felt like there was no hope of ever returning to my former condition. A good friend referred me to Dr. Adam Befeler. Thank you God! Within the first 30 seconds of my consultation with him, I was beside myself with joy. His evaluation of my spine was more thorough than I hoped for. He explained my injury to me in small, simple words I could understand. It was music to my ears to hear him say I did not need surgery. I had so many questions, and he was able to answer them all. If Dr. Befeler has a fan club, I would like to join.